I heard about this from one of the Linux podcasts I listen too regularly. I believe it was the lottalinuxlinks podcast. The host Dave Yates was talking about his experiences at Ohio Linux Fest last month. He mentioned that at Ohio Linux Fest there was an organization that offered a Visa Linux credit card. The card offered  was just like regular rewards cards that gives you money, travel discounts, etc. The difference with the Linux card is that it helps support open sources projects instead. You can opt to share the rewards between you and the community. Or, if you want, all points can go to the community.

Who wouldn’t want a credit card with the Tux penguin on it? So far the non-profit organization behind the card, Linux Fund, has donated 500,000 to the open source community. I was really pleased to see one of their support projects was LiVES. Video editing is one of the weak spots in Linux so it is good to see it getting some financial support.

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